Happy Moments

Last weekend was one of those weekends where we had something fun to do the entire weekend. This weekend was our first East Atlanta Strut as residents. I had been several times but this was B’s first time at the strut. Getting to be around my neighbors and people who care about our community made me really proud that I’m an EAV dweller. It was rows of artisans booths, food, music, beer, and comedy! Getting to watch the parade was so delightful; seeing elementary schoolers, drag queens, politicians, and marching bands does the soul good. We walked around before my set at the comedy tent and started getting hungry. The rows of temporary vendors was appealing but wings were calling our name. B made the wise call, to go to Wing Bar.

I have had countless people recommend Wing Bar to me but I just hadn’t made it there yet for a number of illegitimate reasons. For one, the window clings on Wing Bar make it so that its hard to determine whether or not they are open. My own fault indeed for not just walking up to the door and trying to open it.

I had to check in at the comedy tent and so left it up to B to pick the right sauce. He passed with flying colors. He settled on Mild which is not my typical go to but once I got them, I was glad he did. As you all may know, I usually order medium wings because its hard for restaurants to get a medium heat on a wing. It’s not hard to make something fiery hot and its not hard to melt butter and put a few drops of hot sauce so make a typical mild. These mild wings I would classify as a medium, a wimp may describe them as hot. The sauce was beautiful and creamy and clung to the wings really well. The chicken was on the smaller side but I’d rather them be small than packed full of steroids. The skin had a nice crispness that wasn’t over fried or not crunchy enough and a flavor that came through the sauce nicely.


Writing this, I want them for dinner tonight. My mouth is salivating thinking about those wings. They are hands down some of the best I have ever had.

I rarely eat before I get on stage but after being in the hot sun with a few refreshing beers, I really needed to eat them before performing. We ate them out of the Styrofoam box behind the stage, ohhing and ahhing over how good the wings were. It doesn’t seem like much but moments like that are special to me. Just the energy of the Strut, eating wings with B, and getting to perform, created this little window of time where things are just good. Lately, I have had a hard time finding those moments, where things are just good and happy. Where everything else that had been bothering me was absent from my mind.

Published by Annie Lockwood

Annie is a stand up comic based in Atlanta. She is passionate about comedy, concerts, and buffalo wings.

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