So Cool, So Different

Earlier this week, I was on Star Bar in Little 5 Points. It’s frankly one of the best rooms in Atlanta, and likely, the country. Beforehand, a comedy buddy and I decided to grab dinner… as 90% of my posts start. He suggested Euclid Avene Yacht Club. I had only been once before for beers but I had heard good things about their wings and was excited to try.

I got medium wings, swimming. If it’s offered in a pool, I’ll take a dip. They were so dang good. Super tangy! They were what exactly what I needed.I need more!                     IMG_6296 I have noticed that every cool/unique/hipster/ whatever neighborhood has a place that the neighbors go to for wings and EAYC is that place for L5P.

I am always hesitant about edgy/cool neighborhood spots because there’s a level of pretension and the wings probably won’t be that good. Crimson Ghost tattoos on the arms of the servers doling out bar food.

I have been talking about this on stage lately but there are so many scenes centered around music and culture that are not receptive to people who are different.

I’m different but I will judge people who are different from my brand of different.

EAYC has that kind of crowd: I like a certain type of music, I have a particular type of vehicle, I dress a certain way, and I make lasting changes to my body for everyone to see.

I am on the fringe of these cultures. I love a bunch of different types of music and culture and have refused to pick just one. I also have trouble with authority, in the way that I respect it.

One time, a buddy of mine (who has cool tattoos, dresses a cool way, does cool things, and listens to the same music as I do) pointed out when we went to see The Adicts that the guys there who didn’t have tattoos weren’t dedicated enough to the music.

Why does punk music or any other genre or neighborhood joint have to have an unspoken code of conduct?

As a teenager, I felt perpetually uncool. I was a well-behaved kid who didn’t look like the music I liked. I also liked music that was “uncool” and somehow that gives people an automatic judgment on if I will receive entry to the “alternative, cool” club.

You don’t look like the rest of us= dumb

You like anything but what I like= dumb

It took me too damn long to say… screw you… I don’t care if you have something shitty to say about Saves The Day. I don’t care if you think I don’t have enough tattoos to be at this show/this part of town.

I got tired of being insecure about what people I thought were “cool” were going to think. It’s a adolescent trait that many of us still hold on to, no matter how much we deny it aloud. Even though, I really don’t like that feeling of being at a bar or a show and getting looks for not looking the part but no one can take away the feeling I get when I am singing along with a band at a show or having delicious wings at a dive joint.


Published by Annie Lockwood

Annie is a stand up comic based in Atlanta. She is passionate about comedy, concerts, and buffalo wings.

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