A lot of media outlets have named Fox Brother’s BBQ as the home of the best smoked wings in Atlanta. I have plenty of friends who say they aren’t, mostly for the sake of being counter to the popular.

I am guilty of going against hype. I have not seen the Harry Potter movies (or read the books) or watched Breaking Bad, gone to prom or drank Kombucha yet, pretty much because people tell me I HAVE TO DO THOSE THINGS! I don’t like that kind of pressure. I want to like something on my own accord. That’s why going into Fox Bro.’s I wanted the wings because I wanted wings and to make my own decision about them.

I have had wings three times in less than 7 days. I had wings Thursday with my comedy buddy and regular buddy Dan at Taco Mac in the Highlands. Easy. 6 wings and fries. Honey Chipotle. Good conversation. Nothing to brag or complain about.

I had wings at Graveyard Tuesday night. Easy. 10-12 wings, Zombie sauce, and talking comedy. It was convenient and did what they needed to do.

I really do not get sick of wings so it was an easy decision to spend $17 on a combo plate at Fox Bro.’s last night for pulled pork, 4 smoked wings, baked beans, and mac ‘n cheese.

Notice the ambient red lighting. This is pre-saucing the wings but mid mac.

I rarely do this but I ordered sauce on the side so I could really appreciate the experience from the skin to the meat to the sauce. The first wing I had, I went sans sauce to really see if they could craft their meat like they say they do.

HOLY HELL. Those wings were so luscious. The meat was juicy, tender, and had smoke down to the bone. The size was perfect. The skin had the right amount of dry seasoning and crisp that was flavorful on its own. I was gnawing on those bones like a bitch [dog]. The subsequent wings I drizzled the hot BBQ sauce on the gorgeous beasts of meat. The sauce adds another flavorful dimension that only adds to the wing.

Only offering one sauce for their smoked wings was the best decision Fox Bro.’s could make. It is the perfect balance. Thank goodness I was in company of people who had seen me eat wings before because I was pretty much making out with those wings from chicken heaven. I didn’t even touch my pulled pork. (I brought it home with a massive container of sauce.)

I felt content after indulging in those wings. I love moments where I’m almost enraptured by wings because they are so tasty. They live up to the hype. I believe there are other places with excellent smoked wings but Fox Bro.’s deserves the top spot in the smoked category thus far.

I could have said, “Naw, I am never going to Fox Brother’s because EVERYONE goes there and it’s full of people who only came here because they read about it in Atlanta magazine! And I won’t ever have their wings because people ALWAYS talk about them. I go to only trailers in cash checking parking lots for my wings.” There is a place and time for all types of wings. I love off-the-beaten-path wings but you can’t dog a place that’s popular…there is a reason people flock to a place like Fox Bro.’s. I want to try as many wings as I can from all parts of Atlanta whether it’s a highly popular neighborhood sports bar or Chinese take out joint that has killer wings.

While I agree with the talk about Fox Brother’s wings, I do not plan on watching Harry Potter (even though beloved actor Alan Rickman sadly passed away recently) or Breaking Bad anytime soon.

Sauce: 4 clucks out of 5

Meat: 5 out of 5 clucks

Overall: 5 out of 5 clucks


Published by Annie Lockwood

Annie is a stand up comic based in Atlanta. She is passionate about comedy, concerts, and buffalo wings.

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