So far, I have talked to you all in first person, because I find it less sterile but writing a bio/ about section in first person seems even weirder. For a moment, let’s all pretend my website has been perfectly flawless, that I’m skinnier and more beautiful than you anticipated, so you decided to read this useless part of my website on a whim. So here it is without anymore pretense.


Annie Lockwood is a multi-comma’ed film/tv professional. She is a stand-up comic, actor, writer, casting associate producer, wardrobe stylist assistant, brand ambassador, and live comedy show producer based out of Atlanta. She dedicates her time off the stage, pursuing her love of film/tv. Her career has taken her from working in positions such as a Jr. agent at a SAG- franchised talent agency to being a freelance casting associate producer for shows on Bravo, ABC, and Paramount Network. She has written shy of 1,000 one-sheets for Bravo’s hit show Blind Date and aspires to write for more TV shows. In pursuit of being her most creative self, Annie continually trains in improvisation and writing. The loves of her life are chicken wings, T.J. Maxx, Real Housewives, and fashion. Her boyfriend of over four years squeezes in time when she can make it.

Annie Lockwood Glasses Commercial Headshot

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