Worth the Wait?

I hate complaining about being busy. Being busy is a gift. I haven’t had as many wings as I would have liked as of late mostly because I have been working on this:


It’s been in the works since November but next week will be my first show at Three Taverns Brewery. (if you are in the Atlanta area, please come out!) It’s hard to think about intentionally finding wings when you are in hyper drive and want to be “healthy”in the face of yellow evil.

After having an insane week and trying not to be whiny about my allergies, all I wanted were wings. My security blanket of food. Spicy, tasty comfort in my mouth hole.

I go to Jack’s Pizza in Old Fourth Ward. Friday after a long work day. 9PM, right as bingo begins. I know what to expect at Jack’s. I know it’s going to take forever, I know I will sit at a table covered in dirty napkins next to the digital jukebox that someone spent money to play 5 minutes of Beavis and Butthead laughing while I’m having a sinus headache that I don’t want to complain about. GOD DAMN I JUST WANT A SPRITE AND SOME WINGS.

We order medium buffalo baked wings and a pizza. We get our wings 1hr 15min after we order them and they are room temp. For baked wings, this makes them gross and the skin rubbery. I only ate two of them. All I wanted was to take a bite of them and feel the warm embrace wings give me. I put on a brave face and waited for the pizza. My companion had no problem with the wings and ate them gladly, like men do.

With flash, without yum

I don’t know why I go to Jack’s. I guess the price is right and the food is alright but I never leave Jack’s and say to myself, “Wow, that was totally worth it!” It’s a facility for social interaction that happens to have food and booze and I try and remember that . I have had some okay times there… like one time, I made friends with the table next to me, which were an attractive group of guys who were in a pop punk band that plays with bands that I still listen to. (If you want to shit on me for liking pop punk, sure… give me a phone call.) We did Jameson shots and I was glad that I stuck around.

The first time I went, I was dating a guy and he knew I would like the punk rock vibe. This was back when Jack’s had $5 40’s and  slice combo. HEAVEN for me (because he was a cheap guy and I made little money) and he actually paid which was rarity. Hey big spender! He’s now engaged to the girl he started dating after me. If you’re keeping count at home, that’s now 6 (yes, 6, not an exaggeration) guys I have dated who got engaged to women they dated right after me. I just help raise some guys standards I guess.

I am on a mission to get some good wings tonight to make up for the lack of wings in my life. Also, if you invite me to Jack’s to hang out, don’t be surprised when I don’t order wings and y’all complain.

Published by Annie Lockwood

Annie is a stand up comic based in Atlanta. She is passionate about comedy, concerts, and buffalo wings.

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