Tradition at its finest

There is something to be said about a well done classic buffalo wing; where the sauce isn’t too orange, isn’t too runny, and a has a crunch that holds in those flavors.

One of my favorites to get a wing like that is the self proclaimed “Cheers of the South” The Rusty Nail. The “Nail” as the locals call it, has two locations. One in Sandy Springs and my personal favorite, on Buford Highway. You can’t miss the giant gun shaped smoker out front.

courtesy of CLATL
courtesy of CLATL

When you walk in, you will be embraced with a cloud of cigarette smoke and dark wood paneled everything. The Nail has lots of drink specials ($2.50 PBR 16oz is pretty sweet) which can keep you in there for hours.

The wings are well priced at 5 for $6.95, 10 for $10.95, 20 for $21.95 and 30 for $31.95 with classic sauces like Mild, Medium, Hot, House BBQ, Lemon Salt and Pepper, and Naked.

I usually go with the 5 wings with medium sauce. Each time I have ordered them, they have consistently been good. The staff always does a great job bringing them out hot and fresh. The wings are evenly coated in a sauce that is thick enough to stay on the wing but you won’t get a tongue full of dark orange sludge. Their medium sauce is a true medium, you still get a nice kick without the burn. Their mild wings have a great flavor like the medium but doesn’t pack the sinus clearing punches. The wings have a nice crispness that really compliments the juicy and tender meat inside.

I give this one 4 out of 5 clucks for sauce

4 out of 5 clucks for meat

4 out of 5 clucks for overall experience




Published by Annie Lockwood

Annie is a stand up comic based in Atlanta. She is passionate about comedy, concerts, and buffalo wings.

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