Comedy and Wings Collide

Everyone knows the Vortex for 2 things: it’s insane burgers and it’s comedy club inside the Midtown location. I am a big fan of both of them.

I started doing comedy almost 2 years ago. The first year, I took things slow and only went to open mics once a week or less. This past year, I have taken my comedy to the NEXT LEVEL! I now am on open mics and shows between 3-8 times a week. With my growth as a comic comes new opportunities. Father’s Day weekend I was asked to do my first weekend spots at the Laughing Skull. I was thrilled to be on a show with a ton of great local talent, get some tasty food, and a $10 check ( that my mother would later save and promise to scrapbook for me). I ordered a burger like anyone else and was told about hot wings of epic proportions that I should get if I was lucky enough to be asked back. I vowed to work hard to get back on the Skull stage so I can then try the wings.

Fast forward to October I’m back on, comics order food for the green room and magically in one of the elusive Styrofoam boxes were beautiful deep red-orange wings. I put my dainty hand in to grab a flat, I took a bite, and I fell in love.

The Vortex was able to put heat, smoke, and complex flavors into a simple wing with a crunchy shell. The heat was great with a delicious burn after the wing leaves your mouth.

Us comics had to order another serving because they were going so quickly.

I am still thinking about those wings. I want them like I want my college ex boyfriend back. I will always remember my first time with those wings and how special they made me feel. The Vortex is one of those places you can’t go back to often because it loses it’s magic but damn… those wings… that stage. I need it!

4 out of 5 clucks for sauce

4 out of 5 clucks for meat/ crunch

5 out of 5 clucks for experience

Published by Annie Lockwood

Annie is a stand up comic based in Atlanta. She is passionate about comedy, concerts, and buffalo wings.

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